Tummy tuck

If a substantial amount of excess skin exists, a tummy tuck surgery could be your solution. In some cases it may be necessary to combine liposuction with skin tightening by way of a tummy tuck, to achieve the best result.

Tummy tuck at Art ClinicOur experienced plastic surgeons can during a consultation inform you whether liposuction is sufficient or whether you will need a tummy tuck.

Tummy tucks are differentiated by the terms ”small” or ”large” tummy tuck. The difference is whether one aims to tighten the skin below the navel or whether one also needs to tighten the part above the navel.

Surgical procedure – tummy tuck

A tummy tuck is often performed under narcosis but can also be performed with a local anaesthetic and relaxant medication. Once the patient is anaesthetised an incision is placed by the pubic bone from hip to hip. The skin is tightened and excess skin is removed, it is often necessary to move the navel during a large tummy tuck. The incisions are then sutured.

After a tummy tuck procedure

Once the tummy tuck is completed you will rest in one of the clinics recovery wards, where the clinics nurses take care of you and once rested will serve you something to eat and drink. After a tummy tuck you are required to stay overnight and must then remain tranquil for approx. one week after the procedure.

Convalescence varies between patients and the need for sick leave depends entirely on your work situation. Bandages are worn post surgery until the first follow up (6-8 days), compressor clothing is worn for further weeks.

It is an advantage if women have had all the children they desire before deciding to undergo a tummy tuck. But there is no hindrance to undergo another pregnancy. The scar after a large tummy tuck can be quite long and red to begin with, it will fade with time and most often becomes discreet.