Plastic surgery step by step

Step one, contact Art Clinic on 031-13 11 20 (Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00). We are happy to be of service and answer your questions or book you a time with a specialist, you don’t need a referral. Call us today, we look forward to your visit!

Step two, you arrive at the clinic and notify the reception of your arrival. You will fill out a health declaration before meeting one of our specialists for the first time; so that we can provide you with the best guidance prior to a possible surgery.
The specialist takes his/her time during the consultation, listens and answers your questions. Prepare yourself and write down questions while at home. When necessary the surgeon will perform an examination. You will also receive a written proposal/offer for the appropriate procedure and the terms and conditions. After the consultation with the surgeons you will meet one of our nurses to plan everything surrounding the surgery, such as preparations before and after and what to think about etc. We recommend that you carefully think through your decisions before deciding. We are here to provide you with further information; we also offer a second consultation in order to go over further details before your final decision. (A second consultation prior to a possible surgical procedure is free of charge).

Step three, you have now decided to undergo surgery and contacted the clinic about booking a time. The clinic will send you thorough instructions about the day of surgery and which fundamental principles that need to be followed before surgery. The clinic always forms written agreements with their patients.

Step four, on arrival a nurse will take care you and prepare you for surgery. During these preparations one “checks in” to ones room, changes to operating clothes and meets the surgeon, who is the one you have met earlier during your consultations, and finally you will meet the anaesthetist. Preparatory medication is given and then one is ready. A week to ten days after surgery you will return to the clinic and meet a nurse for check up and removal of sutures.

Step five, between 9-12 months after surgery you will return for a follow up and final check up.