FAQ about skincare

I would like to know if there is any safe way to minimise pores. I know that one is meant to avoid covering the pores, but is there any other general advice? It is above all pores in my face that I wish to minimise.

Most methods for pores minimising are temporary and must be maintained. Methods that work and provide a more long-term effect are skin tightening which is done with laser or radio waves and IPL, which can also provide some effect on the pores. Although it is important to undergo pore emptying before these treatments. Certain A vitamin derivatives, like tretinoin which is found in Aberala can change the structure of the skin and in the long run minimise pore size. Botulinum toxin can also affect the pore size and lasts for 3-6 months.

How does ones diet affect the skin? Is there any food which is particularly good for a clean and healthy looking skin? Have heard that one should avoid strong foods and chocolate or is it just about genes?

Genes play a decisive role in how our skin looks. The skin is the bodies’ largest organ and it needs, like all other organs, a varied diet for optimal functioning. Eat whole wheat instead of refined flour. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, lean meat and fish. Avoid margarine, transfats and sugary products. Antioxidants with C-vitamin can be bought as serums and can be applied directly to the skin. C-vitamin also protects against UV rays and is therefore good to use during the summer. Certain foods can aggravate some skin diseases. For instance, spicy food and chocolate can be negative for Rosacea, and skin disease with redness and rashes. The best thing is to keep a journal of the foods which aggravate the skin.

Can one do anything about stretch marks? After two pregnancies I have got stretch marks, what can I do? Any suggestions?

Today there is unfortunately no good method for removing stretch marks. If they are red they can be treated with vessel laser, pulsed coloured laser. Themage is a new type of laser just released on the market, we have some experience of this laser and according to the manufacturer is meant to tighten and renew collagen layers. This is a medication received by a written prescription from a doctor. Tretinoin is a foster toxin and should not be used during pregnancy.

I would like to know if there is any way to get my eyebrows to grow more. More hair. I have plucked them for several years and now have a bad shape. I would like to change the shape, but it appears that my eyebrows no longer want to grow where I have been plucking the most (the area where they start to grow) Can I get the hair to grow in certain places?

That your eyebrows have stopped growing is not uncommon among individuals who have plucked them for a long time. Unfortunately there is no medication in Sweden which can speed up regrowth. You can try not plucking them for a longer period and see if they recover. If this does not help, then in extreme cases one can perform a hair transplant to this area. Alternatively one can by tattoo intensify the eyebrows.

I have for a couple of years had a ”net” of red vessels on my nose. They don’t hurt or feel sore in any way, but they are disfiguring and troublesome, what can I do?

What you describe as blood vessels are no other than that, so called telangiectasia. These blood vessels are harmless and can be removed safely with laser or IPL-high energy light. Remember that not all lasers are convenient to remove blood vessels. Each laser has a specific wave length. For instance, lasers that are good at removing red blood vessels are V-Beam, KPT-laser and Nd-YAG. The treatment is performed on cooled skin which protects it and works as pain relief.

I have since my 20’s avoided sunlight. This of course due to all the advice in newspapers and beauty gurus. One doesn’t want to age prematurely. After frequently using solariums during my teenage years, I stopped when I got older. Instead they now warn about a lack of D-vitamin in our society, and that this is due to avoiding the sun. How is one supposed to go about now? Is it possible to profit from the suns good qualities, while avoiding wrinkle causing radiation?

It is correct that the sun provides the formation of vitamin D in the skin. Today many researchers claim that vitamin D has many important functions in the body. In order to minimise skin damage (skin types 1 and 2) you only need to suntan 5 min a day, face, hands and underarms without sun lotion, in order to collect enough D vitamin and minimise skin damage. Darker skins need to be in the sun for up to 20 min in order to form enough D vitamin. Always suntan before 11:00 or after 16:00 when the rays are slightly weaker. D vitamin can also be found in food such as fatty fish and even as additives in dairy products. The amount of D vitamin that we consume is not enough, D vitamin is also available in tablet form.

After heavily contemplating hair removal, I decided to write to you! I have some questions surrounding hair removal. Which method is the best/ most effective?

For more permanent hair removal, which I highly recommended for anyone with heavy hair growth, laser (for hair removal) or IPL (high energy light) are by far the best methods. What one should think about though, is going to a clinic with educated personnel within the subject. It is also important that the machine delivers enough energy to the hair follicle, otherwise is will only be ”photo waxing”, meaning the hair will grow back within a few months. This is often found in cheaper machines which are not calibrated. Calibration must be done regularly. A procedure done poorly can result in skin burns. Shaving does not make the hair thicker, but can feel like it when it grows out, since the top of the hair isn’t worn out. According to our skin therapist the hairs need to be at least 0,5cm in order to be waxed. How long the procedure takes depends on the amount of hairs and how capable the therapist is. The permanent result occurs after approx. 7-9 treatments, if the therapists performs accordingly. Remember that a wrongly performed treatment can damage the skin.