FAQ about plastic surgery

Can I still undergo surgery once I have turned 60?

The largest bodily changes are noticed between 40 and 65. This is also the most common age for plastic surgery. But you can have surgery at any time, both before your 40’s and also after 65.

Does the season in which I undergo surgery affect the result?

From a medical perspective it does not matter when plastic surgery is undergone. However, it is good to consider that during the summer, after surgery, it is necessary to wear a bandage. Scar tissue is often irritated by sunlight and therefore it is necessary to cover the scars with plasters, bandages etc. Likewise, when newly operated on you need to take care when being outdoors during very cold winter days.

What should I think about before surgery? Can I prepare myself in any way?

All surgical procedures are stressful for the body. A golden rule is that the patient should be rested and in good health. Smoking decreases blood circulation, resulting in a poor healing process. It is important not to smoke a few weeks after surgery. Prior to surgery you should not be over/under weight. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) should not be more than 29/30. Art Clinic will provide information material prior to your surgery.

Is surgery painful?

Almost all patients feel some tenderness during the days following surgery. How much pain depends highly on the individual.

Does everyone bruise afterwards?

If you bruise easily, the risk for bruising post surgery is large. Bruising after surgery can be substantial on certain body parts, for instance the face where the skin is thin.

Do I have normal sense of feeling post surgery?

Sensitivity can decrease after surgery. This is due to sensory nerves in the operated area being affected. It can take several months, sometimes even more than a year, before feeling is returned. Also certain decrease can occur after and not return to what it was prior to surgery.

Can the sutures suddenly undo?

The sutures are kept in place with surgical tape. Therefore the risk of undoing them is almost non-existent.

Can I shower straight after a surgical procedure?

You should wait a couple of days before showering, thereafter take care when showering and do not direct a strong shower jet at the operated area. When booking a surgery you will, as a patient at Art Clinic, receive written documentation about fundamental rules.

Can I use make up after a facial procedure?

If you have undergone microdermabrasion or chemical peeling, make up should be avoided completely for the first two weeks after the treatment. Post surgery is it important to protect the scars until the sutures are removed. Any scars or scabs in your face need to be treated with care. You can cover discolorations’ and swellings with cosmetics a few days after surgery, but is it important that the incisions are protected until the sutures are removed. Make sure the makeup you use is allergy tested and not dry, so that is doesn’t penetrate the operated area.

What should I consider the time after a procedure?

Smokers should avoid smoking straight after surgery. The skin deteriorates quicker in smokers and thus it is good to avoid smoking during the healing process also. Eat healthy food and exercise a bit, because it gives vigour and stability to the concerned muscles. It is also important to cleanse and moisturise the skin where the incision was made and avoid strong sunlight. If possible, also avoid air pollution, which also affects the skin negatively. Art Clinic provides written recommendations surrounding aftercare/skincare post surgery.

Can I drink alcohol after surgery?

Alcohol in moderate amounts has no direct negative effect on healing, but large amounts should be avoided since the tendency for bleeding increases with alcohol.

When can I begin to exercise after surgery?

Intense physical activity should be avoided for the first weeks following surgery. Begin to exercise lightly and increase successively as long as the healing process is problem-free.

Will the results last for the rest of my life?

Breast augmentation and liposuction offers permanent results, as long as you do not gain too much weight. The skin does not age sooner after a facelift, but with ageing the result will deteriorate. Feel free to visit our skincare department where our skin therapists are at your service to provide advice and guidance.

Will I have visible scaring after surgery?

All procedures or incisions leave scars. How they appear, depends on the length, how it is sewn together and how you take care of the healing. The scars surface heals after approx. three weeks, but it will take roughly three months before the scar is stable. The scar can be taped with special tape for six months after the procedure, in order to minimise the risk of stretching.

How are ugly scars treated?

A disfigured scar can be corrected. But you need to wait a year after surgery in order to correct it.

Why does plastic surgery cost so much?

The price of a surgical procedure includes a lot more than just the surgery. The clinics costs for personnel, equipment, operating theatre, preparation, follow-up and aftercare is included in the price. Generally it costs slightly more to undergo surgery at a clinic with qualified personnel and advanced equipment. Also consider that the clinic provides written guarantees and pays for any necessary touch ups/corrections.

Will I be happier if I have surgery?

Happiness will not arrive just because of surgery. However, it can improve your self-esteem as a pleasing side effect!

Per Erik Sahlin
specialist in plastic surgery. M.D. Ph. D
Head of surgery at Art Clinic.