Prices body surgery

Here you will find information and prices for our body surgery (liposuction, upper arm lift and tummy tuck.

Preparatory information and guidance
Authorised nurse, approx. 30min – free
Consultation specialist (plastic surgeon, approx. 30 min) 700 kr

Prices for liposuction (liposculpture)

Entire stomach: starting at 28 000 kr

Stomach under the navel: starting at 20 200 kr

Hips (“lovehandles)”): starting at 20 200 kr

Upper arms (liposuction): starting at 25 000 kr

Upper arm lift: starting at 48 200 kr

Lower leg: starting at 18 000 kr

Inner thigh: starting at 20 200 kr

Inner knee: starting at 18 000 kr

Thigh liposculpture: starting at 28 000 kr
If the patient desires treatment of several areas during the same procedure, some discount will be given on additional areas.

Liposuction with Body Tite starting at as above + 9 000 kr
Liposuction with Body Jet starting at as above + 4 500 kr

Prices for tummy tuck

Small tummy tuck: starting at 39 300 kr
Major tummy tuck (inkl. overnight accommodation): starting at 53 500 kr