Plastic surgery & treatments in Uppsala

Art Clinic Plastic Surgery in Uppsala
Portalgatan 2B
754 23 Uppsala
Tel: 018-489 95 00
Telephone hours: M–F 09-17

Information about the business in Uppsala

With the Art Clinic department in Uppsala we have created a specialist doctor reception for our patients. The clinic is equipped with two state-of-the-art operating theatres for plastic surgery and other surgical procedures and has nine beds.


Our services within plastic surgery and care in Uppsala

  • Plastic surgery
  • Vessel surgery
  • Beauty Treatments
  • Clinical physiology (ultra sound examinations)
  • Eye surgery

Welcome to visit us in Uppsala!

The facilities are disabled-friendly for wheelchair ridden as well as the visually impaired. The facilities are inspected and approved by the environmental health committee, for health and nursing, laser procedures and skin and body care.

Good transportation and parking facilities
There is good transport and signposting making it easily accessible for both Uppsala residents and visitors. Parking is available by the clinic.

Art Clinic, your private alternative for specialist doctor services and plastic surgery in Uppsala. Welcome!