Information prior to your surgery


Remember that smoking affects blood circulation; if you smoke we recommend that you stop for 1-2 weeks before and after your plastic surgery/treatment (this also goes for nicotine plasters). Smoking causes the blood vessels in the skin to contract which decreases blood circulation. For a large surgical procedure the skin needs a strong blood supply, in order to heal in the best way possible.

Today there is substantial evidence that smokers who do not stop smoking before surgeries are presented with greater risks during surgery.
The larger the surgery the more important it is not to smoke. Feel free to read further information about smoking and its health risks and tips about how to stop smoking on


All patients with a high weight (BMI over 30) are often rejected from surgical procedures due to the heightened risk for possible complications.
Please contact Art Clinic for more information and guidance or visit for professional guidance.

Health Scheme

Before you book a surgery time you must come to the clinic for a personal and individual consultation with a specialist. During the consultation you will fill out the clinics health scheme, the surgeons wishes to have access to your health situation and receive information about previous surgeries, medication, previous diseases etc.
See Art Clinics health scheme in PDF format »

Pre-per-post operative information

All patients that book a surgical procedure at Art Clinic are provided with not only a written contract/agreement and guarantees, but also detailed information about fundamental rules that discuss what you need to think about before, during and after a surgical procedure. The material is put together for our patients, in order for them to, in the best way possible, prepare for surgery; the material also provides valuable information surrounding aftercare. See the information in PDF format »


Art Clinic works with a holistic concept within nursing and care, post surgery one often has several questions regarding aftercare, healing etc. Therefore we summon each patient to a check-up and final check-up where we document the final result. During the final visit we ask the patients to evaluate the clinic and our services, this as a part of our search for continuous improvements.


After a surgical procedure it is important to care for ones skin. We have developed products in collaboration with among others, Dermalogica, in order to provide the skin with its correct lustre, elasticity and softness.

The clinics skin therapists will gladly provide you with their services and produce a tailored skincare programme for you. By following our recommendations you provide your skin with optimal skin-health, thus improving surgical results. For more information, see the tab Beauty Treatments.

Also physical fitness and a healthy diet helps you reach and maintain good post surgery results. For more information about diet and exercise we recommend a visit to the National Food Administrations website and their diet and exercise tips;