Laserlipolys is also known as laser liposuction, SmartLipo or liposuction with laser, these are all the same method intended as a complement/alternative to traditional liposuction. The areas that are treated most effectively with laserlipolys (laser liposuction) are those genetically caused fat accumulations that cannot be improved through diet and exercising.
The results of a laser liposuction are influenced by ones general physical condition, elasticity, cellulite, underlying bone structure, genetic factors and hormonal influences. Our hereditary disposition steers how fat cells gather in different parts of the body.
Before you can undergo a SmartLipo treatment you must first come for a consultation where you will receive thorough information about the treatment. We need to see if you are suitable for a laser liposuction and what can be achieved by performing one. We always try, as realistically as possible, to describe what the procedure involves, what results can be expected and any potential complications which may arise.
Each liposuction with laser is planned uniquely for you and your individual requirements. We are born with a number of fat cells. Thus weight gain involves an enlargement of these cells and weight loss a reduction. With laserlipolys one reduces the amount of cells by destroying the fat cells membrane.
For a lasting result it is important to take care of diet and exercise.
Surgical procedure – laser liposuction/SmartLipo
SmartLipo procedures are often performed under local anaesthesia and take approx. 30-60 minutes. Laserlipolys is performed during daytime surgery. Laserlipolys can benefit from being combined with traditional liposuction.
Complications and risks of laser liposuction
• Allergic reaction to medication
• Smoking impairs the healing process
• If any problems occur, such as fever, swelling, redness, increasing pain or discharging wounds, you should contact the clinic or your surgeon at Art Clinic as soon as possible.
The difference between traditional liposuction and laser liposuction
Laserlipolys is used for lesser fat reductions and fine tuning, for example, chin, ankles, or other localised fat accumulations.
Some of the differences are as follows:
• The treatment is performed during the day
• Bleeding is less
• Smoother surface on the skin
• Less pain
• Quick recovery and smaller scars
• Fewer bruises afterwards.
These advantages are also apparent if combined with a traditional liposuction.