Surgery of nasal congestion (nasal concha)

Nasal congestion can be caused by large nasal concha combined with swollen mucous membrane. Surgery on the nasal concha reduces the lower nasal concha on both sides of the nose by use of general surgical instruments or with a radio frequency knife. The surgeon will advise you which case is suitable for you.

Before surgery for nasal congestion

If you feel you have a cold or are ill before surgery you must contact Art Clinic immediately. It is important not to have an infection in the body on the day of surgery. One must also fast.

Surgical procedure – nasal concha

The surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and the procedure takes approx. 30 minutes. During the surgery we remove part of the lower nasal concha either with radio frequency or with surgical instruments. The surgery is performed inside the nostrils so no visible scars are left. Post surgery tamponage are often placed in the nose, which are to be removed after 3-4 days.

Post surgery

The first hours after surgery you will lie in a recovery ward to rest. You need someone to collect you and accompany you home after surgery, you should not be alone the first night after surgery either and you cannot drive home yourself after surgery. In some cases it is necessary to take sick leave. Light activity and sports can be resumed after 1-2 weeks. Ball sports and other sports where the risk of hitting ones nose is high must be excluded for 4 weeks.