Medical-technical equipment and quality

technichalArt Clinic is outfitted with state of the art medical equipment. The function and safety of the operating theatres follow EU- standards. As a patient you are professionally taken care of, in an individual and personal manner.
Art Clinic offers care and surgical treatments to a high international level. Our operating theatres maintain hospital standards following EU-norms. We provide medical/surgical treatments which are medically proven.

Quality control

The hospital regularly carries out quality controls of all medical-technical equipment, this in compliance with public healthcare and existing EU-standards.

Medical-technical development

Art Clinic is part of the ongoing medical-technical development and we continuously update our medical-technical equipment. Furthermore the clinic has an internal control system for this equipment. Our equipment and our systems are registered and categorized in compliance with existing rules and regulations. All medical-technical equipment that is used in surgery/recovery are equipped with a UPS-system. The system guarantees power is maintained in the case of power or electrical failure.

Maintenance of equipment

All reparations, maintenance and service of the clinics equipment are performed by qualified and certified medical-technical personnel.