Our management

Art Clinic Sverige AB has an active management with a well devised work plan, this secures that the organisation is dedicated to the right issue at the right time. The management plans at least four committee meetings per year where one follows the appointed scheme of work. The decisions made by the management are often of great importance to the development of the organisation. Management also offers valuable support and is a complement to the organisations CEO.


Peter Andeby
Lawyer, Maqs advokatbyrå in Gbg

Members of the board

Ronnie Pettersson
Founder and CEO of Art Clinic Sverige AB

Per-Erik Sahlin
Head of surgery – specialist in plastic surgery, M.D. PH. D.

Ulrik Lewin
Finance- and personnel manager at Art Clinic Sverige AB

Per Windh

Peter Zachrisson

Anders Liss


Ulf Pettersson
Accountant KPMG