Labiaplasty – Labia surgery

Intimate surgery like labiaplasty/labia surgery is a relatively new area within cosmetic surgery, in recent years surgeries within this area have become more common and we have lately received more inquiries about intimate surgery.

Many of our patients feel inhibited with the prospect of sexual relations as well as when bathing and showering after sports activities. Different sized or assymetrical labia can be a problem for some women. The most common discrepancy is extremely large labia minora. With labia surgery one reduces the labia minoras size.

The labia surgery

The labiaplasty is performed under general anaesthetic or a combination of local anaesthetic and relaxative substances. Generally the healing process is quick and simple. No dressings are used and it is enough to keep the area of surgery clean by showering.

Post surgery

Slight pain and swelling can occur after labiaplasty. Most often one will not need pain relief medication after surgery. After 3-4 weeks one can resume sexual activity.