Ethical principles for Art Clinic Sverige AB


Art Clinic provides medical services within aesthetical and reconstructive surgery, vessel surgery, ear-nose-throat surgery and skincare. The aim is to become the leading operator within the specialities above.

Professional Secrecy

The clinic shall follow the regulations and laws that exist according to Swedish standards, concerning nursing, care, patient information, secrecy, journal handling, acute measures, operative as well as administrative routines etc. As a patient at Art Clinic you should always feel safe and well take care of.

The Patient

In order to undergo plastic surgery the patient must have turned 18 years of age, only when the patient due to certain circumstance needs surgery, are we able to diverge from this rule. However the patients parents must give their written approval, they are also to be present during the consultation/guidance.
Prior to surgery all patients must undergo a thorough consultation/guidance before being able to book a surgery.
The surgeon/specialist that consults with the patients is also the one who will perform the surgery once the patient has made a decision.
You are, as a patient at Art Clinic, able to consult with another specialist in order to receive advice and guidance before possible surgery (free of charge, applicable only to plastic surgery).

Price Guarantee

Art Clinic AB always provides a written price guarantee on the cost of the surgery, which is valid for three months from the day of the consultation. Our prices are total prices, meaning all services and materials such as; compressor clothing, anaesthesia, follow-ups and narcosis or local anaesthetics are included.
Art Clinic always enters written agreements with their patients, which clearly informs the patient about guarantees etc.


Art Clinic always focuses on you, the patient. The clinic has put together pre-per-post surgery information. We offer you carefully thought out care before, during and after surgery.

We offer patients the following

  • Free follow-up/suture removal
  • Free recommendations from our skin therapist
  • Free telephone advice