Ear, nose & throat surgery

Art Clinics surgeons and other personnel have years of experience with ear, nose and throat surgery within the private sector. The clinic performs both day surgeries as well as greater surgeries that require overnight stays under surveillance of intensive care personnel.

Radiosurgery treatment

One of our specialist areas within ear, nose and throat surgery is snoring. Art Clinic is one of the first clinics in Sweden to introduce a further developed surgical procedure for snoring using high frequency radiosurgery treatment.

Sleep study

Your first step before attending a medical examination with a specialist in ear, nose and throat surgery is to book a so called sleep study. A sleep study machine is loaned for a day and examines if you have pauses in breathing/decreased oxygen saturation during sleep. We then book a consultation with a specialist for your examination and final assessment. Not all patients are suitable for radiosurgery treatment. For these patients we offer alternative treatments such as CPAP.