Breast lift

The goal of a breast lift is to lift a sagging breast, whether it is a natural condition or as a result of breast feeding, weight loss or age. If the patient is not satisfied with the existing volume of the breast, increasing the volume with prosthesis can be an option.
Depending on the degree of sag a volume increase can be attended to simultaneously with or without the removal of skin.

Before you are booked for a breast lift you must attend a consultation with one of our plastic surgeon specialists, who will provide you will thorough information surrounding the procedure and listen to your individual desires.

Surgical procedure – breast lift

A breast lift is performed under narcosis or local anaesthetic together with relaxant medication. Today we use three different surgical techniques for breast lifts. The most common method of treatment is with incisions similar to a breast reduction, i.e. an incision around the areola and an upside down T under the breast.

This technique results in an effective lift for patients who are in need of a fairly large breast lift. Most of today’s techniques require the nipple to be moved upwards which results in scarring around the areola. The incisions are sutured and the patient receives a firm dressing which one wears for approx. 6-8 days. The surgery takes around 1,5-2,5 hours depending on the technique used.

After a breast lift procedure

The pain after a breast lift is often mild and most patients can leave the clinic the same day (with larger surgeries you will spend the night at the clinic). One must wear a support bra 24 hours a day for approx. three weeks after a breast lift. One should also be careful with physical activity during the first two months post surgery.

After breast reductive surgery (breast lifts, breast reduction) there is a risk for decreased sensitivity of the nipple, the capacity to breast feed can also be reduced. However, this is uncommon.
The scars fade with time and often become discreet.